I have taught courses with undergraduate and graduate students, online and blended courses, and applied workshops. Currently, I teach courses in science and technology studies, gender and sexuality studies, sociology, and legal studies at Northwestern University. Students in my courses frequently explore the intersection of inequality, power and control through research, writing and critical making.

Courses with Undergraduate & Graduate Enrollment
Sexuality, Technoscience, and the Law — Northwestern University (2021) 

Gender-Based Violence, Power, and the Carceral State — Northwestern University (2021)

Undergraduate Courses
Social Problems — Georgia State University (2014)

Intro to Sociology — Georgia State University (2014, 2015)

Collaborative Student Projects
Controlling Bodies, Regulating Sexualities — A timeline of regulations to control bodies and regulate race, gender, and sexualities since the 1600s.

Areas of Expertise
Technology and society
Critical data studies
Gender and sexuality
Race and racism
Science and technology studies
Social theory

Law and inequality