My research focuses on technology, justice, and inequality (racial, gender, sexuality, and others forms of inequality), and what kinds of relationships form between people, information, and technology.

My work asks questions like “how is the design of information and surveillance technologies shaping social, legal, and data relations?” And, “how can we organize data and knowledge in a way that results in a more democratic and just society?”

Journal Articles
Book Chapters
The Handbook on Public Criminologies (2020)

  • The Pharmacy Prison: Auditing Prison Pharmaceutical Regime
Silent Cells: The Secret Drugging of Captive America (2020) w/ Anthony Hatch

  • Sex Trafficking, Inequality, and Our Evolving Legal Consciousness
Focus on Social Problems (2020)
The Handbook of Feminisms in Sport, Leisure, and Physical Education (2018) w/ Mary McDonald

Engaging Science and Technology Studies (2020) w/ Sarah Barnes, Nassim Parvin & Mary McDonald

ROMChip: Journal of Game Histories (2019)
Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, and Technoscience (2017)

Public Sociology
Big Data & Society Blog (2022) w/ Kathryn Henne

The Conversation (2021) w/ Kathryn Henne &  Jenna Harb

Stuff Mom Never Told You (2019)